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Targeted Outsource Operations for Your Airport Lounge

Partnering with GTMS allows airlines, airport authorities and private clubroom owners to improve their profitability through strategic outsourcing of their operations. GTMS specializes in providing our clients with peace of mind.

While our partners focus on their core competencies, we focus on our core compentence - the operation of your lounge or clubroom.  GTMS takes care of the day-to-day challenges of employee and labor relations, staffing, training, licensing, compensation and employee benefits while providing your customers with outstanding white glove customer service.

Our Services

Gideon Toal offers our partners elite clubroom management from design to departure. Whatever you require to make your guests' visit extraordinary, our experienced management team and highly trained staff are practiced, able and ready to provide.

        Lounge, Kitchen and Equipment Design Consultation

        Equipment Procurement and Delivery Coordination

        Regulatory Licensing and Permiting

        Liquor License Acquisition and Maintenance

        Quality Staffing - GTMS People with "A Heart for Hospitality"

        "A Heart for Hospitality" Service Training


Hospitality Employee

Specialized Menu Design / Implementaion

Lounge Food / Beverage / Consumables Procurement

Quality Control and Inventory Management

Daily Lounge Operations Management

Consumption Audit Controls

Lounge Mystery Shoppers / Loss Prevention Analysis

Peace of Mind

Our partners rest easy knowing that while they focus on their business, GTMS has their lounge operation more than simply "under control".  At Gideon Toal Management, we believe "A Heart for Hospitality" extends well beyond the passenger interaction.  GTMS prides itself on service presented with dedication, integrity and transparency to our corporate partners.


Our Team

The foundation for our distinguished image is our multilingual team, which is distinctly suited for partnering with clients who offer premier operations with unique requirements. We are committed to exceeding both your expectations and your clients'. Our management team brings an average of 30 years of experience in the key disciplines of customer service, marketing and human resources.  Learn more about the GTMS team.

Contact us to discuss how our management team can meet your lounge's needs.